Issue #00005888

Introduction of trash management in CM-Neo

When pages are deleted CM-Classico moves the pages to a trash area instead of deleting them.

We now implemented this also in CM-Neo.

The trash area is only visible for MANAGERs. The trash entries are automatically deleted from the database 7 days after deletion. It needs no manuell maintenance.

If an author deleted a page by accident he has to ask a MANAGER to restore the page within 7 days. MANAGERs may visit the trash area in CM-Neo and move the deleted page to some area and from there to any position.

In addition we now check for unique names when deleting pages. If we find some a warning is displayed. When moving to the trash area we remove the unique names on the page and all its sub pages. This means when restoring the page, the unique names are NOT restored.