Issue #00005159

Added more flexibility in customising Workflow Mails

We already have a mechanism to customise workflow mails via Scriptlets.

Because Scriptlets are not very useful for complex scripting we now added an alternative way.

Specify a mail-config TMLScript module with name "mailconfig.tmlscript" in Folder wga/workflow. This script should return an JS-Object that may have the following properties (all optional):

  • mimeType (String)
  • createMailSubject(op) (Function returning a String)
  • createMailBody(op) (Function returning a String)

If present the custom functions "createMailSubject" and "createMailBody" will be called with an "op" parameter specifying the current Operation. Possible values are:


In addition the following vars are provided:

  • replacereason
  • comment
  • approvalurl

Sample using handlebars templates to create the mail body:

return {

    mimeType: "text/html",
    createMailSubject: function(op){
        var subject={
            APPROVAL_REQUEST:   "Document '" + TITLE + "': approval requested",
            RELEASED:           "Document '" + TITLE + "': approved",
            REJECTED:           "Document '" + TITLE + "': rejected"
        return subject[op];
    createMailBody: function(op){
        var content = AFW.Handlebars.fileTemplate("overlay:workflow", op.toLowerCase()+".txt", context("this"));
        return AFW.Handlebars.fileTemplate("overlay:workflow", "layout.html", {
            body: content,
            footer: WGACore.releaseString