Issue #00005503

Improved calculation of homepage URL

We basically have two methods to calculate the URL to the homepage:


<tml:url type="homepage"/>

Both methods returned different values and both could be improved.

<tml:url type="homepage"/> always returned the URL to the homepage in the DB default language. This now has been improved and the current context is taken into account. did not use a custom URLBuilder if configured and in addition also returned the homepage URL in default language. It also ignored v-hosts with "hide-homepage" set to true.

Both ways of asking for the homepage URL now use the same internal method in OpenWGA. To archive this however we had to change the interface "WGAURLBuilder". We added the new method

public String buildHomepageURL(TMLContext context)

If you implemented your own URLBuilder by implementing this interface you have to implement this method now. However we think very less customers have done this.

If you implemented your own URLBuilder by extending the "DefaultURLBuilder" you have to do nothing. You MAY (and probably should) however implement the new method now.