Issue #00005484

RTF: separate image alt attribute from image title attribute

Until now the attributes "alt" and "title" are handled identical in womodo CM-Neo. Your are able to edit the title of an image but the same value is automatically inserted as "alt" attribute. If you insert am image via drag&drop, the image meta data "title" will be inserted as "alt" as well as "title".

Because "alt" and "title" have different meanings in HTML we should handle them different.

The "edit image" dialog now (in addition to the existing Title-Field) got a new "ALT-Text" Field. This field is mandatory and must not left empty. It is filled from the file meta date "title" for internal images.

The label of file meta editor for "title" has been changed to "title / alt-text".

If you insert an image via drag&drop, only the "alt" attribute will be set. A "title" attribute now must be set manually if required.

If you add am image via drag&drop from the file system to the attachment panel, we create a "title / ALT-Text" from the file name. You should edit it to be more meaningful.