Issue #00005358

Improvements to <tml:link>

One of the main reasons <tml:link> is not used often is because you have no influence what will be the link body.

<tml:link> creates a link to the page in context with the page title als link text. If you need a different link text (or an image ...) you can't use <tml:link>

We now changed <tml:link> so that the body of the tag (if available) will be used as link body.


<tml:link context="name:home">
    Visit our home page ....

<tml:link context="name:home">
    <tml:image file="logo.png">

If the tag has no body we still use the page title as link body as before.

Because this is a behaviour change and existing code may break we check for version compliance >= 7.7. If this is not the case, we keep the old behaviour.

In addition we corrected an issue when <tml:link wrap="..."> is used together with a wrap attribute. This correction is independent of the used version compliance.