Issue #00005418

Added option "css-version" and "js-version" to CMM htmlhead-includes to handle browser cache effects

CSS and JS of custom content module are typically included via

<tml:include designdb="@cmm" ref="htmlhead-includes"/>

If your site is based on basic-website-kit exactly this include is (behind the scene) part of the @base plugin.

If you change styles or javascript in one of your custom modules the URL to your css and js will not change. This leads browsers to use their cache instead of requesting your new version. The only chance you have is to change the URL.

This now can be done by adding an option "css-version" and/or "js-version" to the include. If your site is BWK-based this can be done in TML "layout:head":

<tml:[html-head@base] o_css-version="2">

You need to change the value every time you changed your module-css/js.