Issue #00005123

Implemented new "page sequences" for struct entries

In OpenWGA/womodo each page is identified via its "structkey". This is a 32 characters long id generated by the CMS.

In addition to this structkey we now added a unique "page sequence". This sequence is a number starting with 1 and incrementing itself with each new page creation. This page sequence now can also be used to address a page.

We introduced this page sequence mainly to use it in title path keys because they are much smaller. You can address up to 65.000 pages with a 4 character hex value.

Page sequences can be used in context expressions to address a page:


The page sequence can also be accessed as new content meta PAGESEQUENCE. It returns 0 if no sequence is found for this page.

In addition new methods in the WGAPI are available:

WGStructentry.getPageSequence() // returns 0 if no page sequence found

Also page sequences are created automatically we added a new method to create them on demand (if not already created).


This can be used to create sequences for all pages like this:

for(let doc in Iterator(db().getAllContent())){

Page sequences are only available for JDBC Databases and only for content store version >=5.